[LMB] The Birthday Tixie catches up on some business

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Oh, I'm feeling better.  The next time I go look at Ekaterin's garden,
though, I want to have a long heart-to-heart talk with the nearest

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> Oh, Tixie, you didn't eat at that ghem restaurant, did you? Got some bad
> Ghem-general Tso's chicken?  Mutant rice? Tea with delicately botanical
> flavoring? Get well soon!
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> The Tixie stumbles in, looking pale and drawn.  "Sorry about this---I've
> been under the weather."  Then he announces:
> On September 10, 1978, Matthew Harrison, aka "Dr. Nightfall," was born.
> September 11, 1957, was Marc Wilson's first day on this Earth.  And
> September 12, 1949, was the natal date of Beatrice McKeown, who shares her
> birthday with Ian "Widdy" Riddell, who came along 19 years later.
> All of you are going to Eta Ceta, to be guests of the Haut Emperor Fletcher
> Giaja.  You will be put up in rooms suitable for Haut guests, and allowed
> to tour everything not strictly off-limits to off-planet visitors.  Ba
> servitors will wait on you, bringing you whatever food or drink you wish,
> and explaining all they can of Cetagandan culture and history.  Your day
> will end with a tour of the capital, where you will eat dinner at the
> finest Ghem-run restaurant in the Cetagandan Empire.
> *The Tixie staggers off back to bed, hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow*
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