[LMB] The Birthday Tixie catches up on some business

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Thank you for the birthday greetings. I am amazed to find that I am
actually 70 years old - it just doesn't seem possible :) 

It has been a tumultuous year - we lost even smaller dog - which most
of you may not remember in May. He was 17 and was the last. We both
agreed that we would not take on any other animal as it was probable
that he or she would outlive us.

I had my cataracts removed in July. I have to admit I was really
scared at the prospect but have to say that it was such an easy
surgery that I am now amazed at my fears. I have worn glasses since I
was about seven and it is amazing to find that I can now drive without
any needed :) :) 

Eric how did you guess that a ghem run restaurant would be so ideal?
The one joy we have is the ability to drive to the ocean and breakfast
regularly at a small restaurant overlooking the water - to be honest
we actually talk to more people there then we do at home :) 


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 The Tixie stumbles in, looking pale and drawn. "Sorry about
 been under the weather." Then he announces:

 On September 10, 1978, Matthew Harrison, aka "Dr. Nightfall," was
 September 11, 1957, was Marc Wilson's first day on this Earth. And
 September 12, 1949, was the natal date of Beatrice McKeown, who
shares her
 birthday with Ian "Widdy" Riddell, who came along 19 years later.

 All of you are going to Eta Ceta, to be guests of the Haut Emperor
 Giaja. You will be put up in rooms suitable for Haut guests, and
 to tour everything not strictly off-limits to off-planet visitors. Ba
 servitors will wait on you, bringing you whatever food or drink you
 and explaining all they can of Cetagandan culture and history. Your
 will end with a tour of the capital, where you will eat dinner at the
 finest Ghem-run restaurant in the Cetagandan Empire.

 *The Tixie staggers off back to bed, hoping to feel a bit better


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