[LMB] Gave blood today.

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 19:30:28 BST 2019

Dad was more amused than anything else; it was the other adults who didn't
know me who were freaking out.  Mom said that her mother (one of the first
women doctors in this part of the world) would have been proud of her

And during biology class, I loved keeping my lab partners amused with
*sotto-voce* comedy.  Of course, my sense of humor is the sort of thing
that would have the Addams Family rolling on the floor...

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> Eric Oppen [the less squamous--yay!] and non-squeamish squeed over
> witnessing an autopsy.
> Compadre!  I took Advanced Biology in high school, and the quote that made
> it to the paper was, "Hacking cats is fun."  At the Beta Club banquet, my
> friend and I grossed out our neighbors, speculating which muscle it was we
> were consuming.
> Tee hee hee.  Good times.
> Jerrie
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> Way back in college, I tried testing out of introductory biology. That was
> the first time I laid eyes on  a fetal pig. I persevered, and came within a
> hair of being able to skip the class. I heard a rumor this surprised the
> head of the biology department, at least a little. Dr Webster liked
> flunking freshmen.
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