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Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 02:02:12 BST 2019

I think I told you guys this story once before, but years ago, I had just
given blood and was sitting in the local McD's, reading the last Harry
Potter book (which had just come out.)  I'd had a new phlebotomist, and my
inner forearm was covered in a spectacular bruise.

This kid wanders up to me, sees the black bruise, and goes "Hey, mister, is
that the Dark Mark?  Are you a Death Eater?"

I grinned, picked up my pencil, poised it as if to jab the eraser end into
my bruise, and said "Let's poke it and see if 'You-Know-Who' comes, shall
we?"  He turned white as a sheet and ran back to his parents.

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> On Sep 17, 2019, at 6:26 AM, Karen A. Wyle <kawyle at att.net> wrote:
> >
> > I last tried to give blood in the fall of 2001. It turned out that while
> I have always, except when pregnant, had very small veins, they'd gotten
> smaller with age and were at that time the same size as the needles used
> for blood donation. So -- no dice.
> I think the standard needle these days is 30 or 33 gauge—down from the
> 28ga that were the best available earlier this decade, but that still might
> be too big for your veins.
> This past year, the vein they seek seems to have gone deeper. I breathe
> deeply and look away, only thing I can do.
> With new phlebotomists or the like (my dermatologist was the latest, I
> think), I let them know that I give blood and have regular blood draws, and
> that any scarring is a result of that and  the bouquet of IVs from last
> September’s ‘fun’.
> Marina
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