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>What would be the effect of expanding habitable Barrayar if factory farms was much more efficient than traditional farming? 

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But you are destroying a way of life. Is habitable area that important? 

That depends.  How good a way of life is it?  What would be most productive for society as a whole?  What would be most beneficial to the people living that lifestyle, according to their own judgment?  What resources do they have to find other ways of life?  There are a lot of people throughout history whose way of life is not because they have options and go "yeah, this is the best life possible for me, it's what I want," it's simply because that's all they know and all they have the resources for.  We romanticize farming a lot, but many many MANY people who grow up with that lifestyle choose other ways of living as soon as they possibly can and have NO desire to EVER do that for a living.  Especially if you have other jobs in the area, or people can telecommute, so they can stay in their community WITHOUT needing to be farmers, a lot of people are overjoyed to have other options.  My parents are a perfect example: both of them grew up as farm kids, neither of them had ANY interest in taking over the family land on either side of the family.  None of their siblings did, which is why both family farms are now being rented out to other farmers.  Farming is not for everyone.  And even people who think they want to be farmers, if they try it for a while, learn that they really, really ... don't like the way of life.  I don't see why that would be any different on Barrayar.

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