[LMB] OT: new book on how to raise book-loving kids

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Sat Sep 21 20:18:12 BST 2019

First, remember the lessons of Our Ladyship:

Get their eyes checked early.  Don't wait  til they're 14. 

 "Letters are NOT elusive fur-bearing creatures hiding
coyly behind each other.  I wasn't stupid, I just couldn't _see_.

Baron Wagae kin Pikepool, to the Learned Divine Penric kin Jurald 
 as chronicled by Lois McMaster Bujold, 
 "Penric's Fox"   (c) 2017

Our middle child sat in our laps and followed along in the story books with
fingers on the letters -- and took daily instruction out of Sig Englemann's
_100 Easy Lessons_ 
  < https://www.amazon.com/Teach-Your-Child-Read-Lessons/dp/0671631985 > 
(which textbook can never be blessed enough) and still struggled.
Where her sibs took wing  from the printed page, my middle girl
struggled along and slogged through lines of text as if they were
mud on her shoes. 

Even WITH prisms in lenses specially crafted for her individual
issues, she struggled.  The effort to read was rarely, she
felt, worth the return. Except for Archie comic books ... 

Until Harry Potter, of course ...  Then _City of Bones_.  Then ...
well most recently it's a bunch of university textbooks on
epidemiology and public health administration.  

She still reads slowly compared to the others.  She tires.
Good light matters a lot.  An index card in hand  to keep the
lines of text and both eyes truly aligned instead of sliding up 
and down and behind one another.   The text apparently
does play hide and seek games with some children.  Comics, with 
short little snippets in well defined areas of the page, in
their caption boxes and speech balloons, actually work
pretty well for the visually-encumbered. 

Read to the kid, and have the kid read to you.  Laptime
is wonderful.  Be prepared to read the same story over and
over.  And over.  Annnndddd over. 

Which, around here, shouldn't be much of a problem.

Hey, is it time to start over and read everything again in
intradiegetic chronological sequence: _Falling Free_ on? 

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