[LMB] OT: new book on how to raise book-loving kids

Carol Botteron cjbotteron at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 21:17:58 BST 2019

Gwynne: ... As a teacher I was great teaching Maths, because I wasn't much
good at Maths (I improved a lot once I started teaching it, and finally
understood it.) But I knew every kind of mistake you could make, I knew
exactly where they'd gone wrong and how to help.

Carol:  Perhaps the best teacher I had at MIT taught physical chemistry.
He started the semester by mentioning that as an MIT student he had taken
this same course.  Three times.  As Gwynne said, he knew all the possible
mistakes and misunderstandings, and how to get around them.

Contrast with my high school chemistry teacher, who seemed unable to
comprehend that any student could not understand everything immediately.
When someone asked a question, she would look critical and repeat what she
had said before.  A few of us started to look for puzzled expressions in
the class, stick a hand up, and say, "Do you mean that if you do this and
that, this other thing happens?"  The teacher would say "Obviously!" while
all the students said "Oh!"

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