[LMB] Factory farms

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I think they mean both the subsidized housing built during WW2, and 
Truman's Fair deal for GIs, which  affected the housing choices at the 
time in a fairly major way.

and "Housing Act of 1949".

On 9/22/19 19:00, Eric Oppen wrote:
> Suburbia was very much a thing before even World War I.  Young singles and
> childless couples may enjoy big-city life, but once the kids start coming,
> they start wanting a safe place for those children to play, and they start
> looking at the 'burbs.  The big street crime wave that hit the cities
> started in the mid-1960s, and by that time suburbia was well established.
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>>> Questionable.  Postwar detached housing was massively subsidized, both
>>> in the housing and in the car access needed for it, while a rise in
>>> urban crime rates scared people out of the city, as did school
>>> integration.
>> And just who "subsidized" detached housing? The Federal Government may
>> have built The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, but that was
>> highways, NOT streets.
>> Harvey
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