[LMB] OT: new book on how to raise book-loving kids

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How about Aaronovitch? I don't read them myself, I prefer the books. But 
I know that they exist.


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>One thing I feel is missing in adult fiction is illustrated text. We
>have full text. We have a growing acceptance of comics. And of course
>there's video and animation (though the latter is still kind of for kids
>or comedy in the USA). But "mostly text with occasional pictures" is
>just for kids.
>Rare exceptions include Gaiman's Stardust and Dream Hunters, and the
>webcomic Erfworld which evolved to half regular comic pages, half text
>page with a few pictures. And of course fantasy with maps.
>But it could be so powerful for showing what the author has in mind,
>rather than using lots of words for still vague or ambiguous imagery,
>and for showing character reactions in entertaining ways. Conversely,
>some webcomics could go a lot faster if they switched to text for long
>conversations, rather than having to draw everything.
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