[LMB] OT: new book on how to raise book-loving kids

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Same here. I thought I was fooling my teachers by hiding my reading book under the dreadful, vapid Dick and Jane. Looking back, I think they were pleased to have me doing this, since I also kept track of who was being called on to read from Dick & Jane and was always ready.

In my daydreams I see and hear a bunch of kids pounding on their desks and chanting "We want real stories! We want real stories!" instead of sitting, passive and sullen, while the teacher plods through Dumbed-Down Reader Book 4. Though these days, the "school resource officer" would probably drag them off in handcuffs. "The world has gone mad today, and good's bad today...." (Thank you, Cole Porter.)
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> >Purely anecdotal evidence:
> >
> >I was reading by the age of three. According to my mother, my parents
> >didn't do anything special other than read to me a lot (judging from
> >photos, with me either sitting next to the parent or on their lap --
> either
> >way, I could see the book).
> >
> My mother claimed she taught me to read, age three, in self-defence - as
> the only way to get me to shut up for an hour.  :)
> I don't recall that time as such, but I do recall my early experience of
> primary school, aged 5, where I sat at the back and read "Biggles" books
> from the school library while the others floundered through the
> execrable "Janet and John".

Heh -- I can relate. Reportedly my kindergarten teacher didn't know what to
do with me--"She's reading already! What should I do?"--and I can remember
vaguely from first grade sitting under a desk at snack time with a
similarly advanced six-year-old named Mark Hansen, reading Lightfoot the
Deer ... this while the rest of the class was struggling with "Alice and

I daresay that, like me, because it happened so young, you literally cannot
remember a time you could not read.

--Margaret Dean
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