[LMB] OT: new book on how to raise book-loving kids

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Thu Sep 26 03:04:36 BST 2019

On 9/25/2019 8:31 PM, Margaret Dean wrote:
> Heh -- I can relate. Reportedly my kindergarten teacher didn't know what to
> do with me--"She's reading already! What should I do?"--and I can remember
> vaguely from first grade sitting under a desk at snack time with a
> similarly advanced six-year-old named Mark Hansen, reading Lightfoot the
> Deer ... this while the rest of the class was struggling with "Alice and
> Jerry."
> I daresay that, like me, because it happened so young, you literally cannot
> remember a time you could not read.

I also don't remember learning to read, though I have a very distinct 
memory of being in first grade, and the other kids were being taught 
LOOK but the OO being eyes, and the L and K being ears <eyeroll till I 
can see the back of my brain> and I thought it was amazingly stupid, it 
was the word 'look'. I was also ready real books, not Dick and Jane. 

I also remember later in 4th or 5th grade, getting the SRA Reading 
Comprehension box, 
and I could whip through one in about a minute, and the questions took 
about a minute ... I know in 6th grade I tested to 800 words per minute 
with 90% comprehension.

See, my Mom and Dad figured if I could get a book off the shelves in the 
library at home, I could read it. If I didn't understand a word, I knew 
where the dictionary was, and if I still couldn't figure out something 
to ask an adult. I was reading Chaucer [annotated edition] and 
Shakespeare when I was 7 or 8, and read my first SF/Fantasy when I was 8 
[boxed set of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dune and Slan 
were pretty much the first ones I remember - the Tolkein was a Christmas 
present, Dune and Slan came from the public library.]

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