[LMB] OT: good thoughts needed.

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Fri Sep 27 02:14:58 BST 2019

Thanks.  My family is all busy with work, too.  My dad thinks I'm an awful housekeeper, he pays a cleaning lady to come in once a week. I may get her to come in the afternoon of my surgery, to clean.  She can call 911 if I go all wobbly

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On Thursday, September 26, 2019, 12:33:39 AM GMT+9, Kevin Kennedy

On Nov. 6 I have to go to hospital for a D&C. I've been having some spotting & more bleeding than I should have, at my time of life. I've had several tests, my uterine is thicker than it should be. They're going to scrape it out, before anything tries to turn nasty.  I need to be there at 7 for paperwork,  surgery at 9, they'll toss me out by lunch.

Oh, good thoughts and best wishes for good reading during your smooth and easy recovery.

I've been having some problems; my lucky mother's periods stopped
around age 45 with very few issues. My doctor said I have a uterus
that's bigger than most, and that's why I sometimes have entirely too
much stuff.  But, there are signs that I may finally be approaching
that golden age of no more periods, so I've just been hanging on.

It's really a lot more out in the open than it's been in other ages; I guess
we can thank the internet. I hope you find plenty of support and shoulders!
(Feel free to email me if you need a virtual ear.)

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