[LMB] Gendered English, WAS Penric's Travels cover sneak peek

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 28 16:06:17 BST 2019

All the efforts to stamp out the -ess are a waste of time anyway.
Just look at news reports: they refer to 'a driver' or ' a female
driver', and the same for pilot, doctor, etc. The default assumption
for so many occupations and other situations is male, and the
report will always carefully indicate if it's *gasp* a woman doing
that instead. How often have you seen 'a male pilot....', etc, in a
report? Changing a few word constructions doesn't achieve anything

Side note: the media don't just play that game with gender.  If
anyone involved in an event isn't cis, you'll see it in the headine,
they'll get 'lesbian' or 'gay', etc, in there any way they can. And
they use other codes for things like culture and ethnicity: 'The
offender was represented by the Aboriginal Legal Service....' It seems
to me that attitudes in the media tend to lag behind the mainstream.
They'll be slavering and gasping about things that most people no
longer see as being all that noteworthy or relevant.

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