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Colonialist? Now who's insulting who?

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> As I said before, the red hair example is one used by every intersex
> organization. With that, I’m simply following their lead.
> When I came into the discussion, I gave my reasoning. It’s disappointing
> to see a group that can read books that have a canonically created third
> gender (created to explicitly reduce discomfort with existent gender
> spectrum people, and they stop with the engineering seeing how stupid it
> is!), and yet have a full thread about the non-existant ‘gender-binary’ (a
> colonialist attitude).
> Turlach
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> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > (Sorry, this ran long.)
> >
> > Fiddler and Reeve turn up to take Lily home. Amma stays to
> > monitor the meeting - she's very fond of both Barr and Lily, and
> > is determined to make sure things go well. And she lets them have
> > their discussion in the patrol headquarters instead of going back
> > to Barr's family tent - which really does make things easier.
> >
> > Ok, first we'll address the Reeve issue. He's a nasty little blot.
> > His behaviour during the meeting is disgusting - he whines, he
> > tries to bully Lily, he treats her with contempt, and not even the
> > presence of Lakewalkers hints to him that he should pull his head
> > in, so he's pretty thick too. But this shows the degree of abuse that
> > Bell allowed, and even encouraged, throughout Lily's life. This nasty
> > little brat feels that it's normal, even praiseworthy and expected,
> > for him to nag and demean his sister.
> >
> > Amma gets rid of Reeve. That improves things right away.
> >
> > Then the real discussion gets going. Bell didn't do any big reveal of
> > the truth before they left - what did she think would happen? She
> > must be in agony waiting for them to come back (and it serves her
> > right.)
> >
> > They have one of those discussions where everybody is being
> > very careful to avoid the big issue. Lily is the first penguin off the
> > iceberg, tossing the father issue onto the table.
> >
> > And it turns out that Fid knew all the time - not who, but he can
> > add up, and knew that Lily was on board before he married Bell.
> >
> > This is the moment when Fid became one of my favourite characters.
> > He knew all along, and he loved Bell, and accepted her child as his
> > own, and loved her all the same. (Ok, maybe a tiny bit of resentment
> > that he didn't make Bell treat Lily better, but Bell is the mother,
> > and she's responsible for much of the child-rearing, and he
> > probably didn't want to step into a conversation that might raise
> > issues neither of them could face.)
> >
> > Fid always knew. And he never told Bell. Fid didn't want to lose
> > Bell, she was terrified that she'd lose everything, and they both
> > spent fifteen years holding onto a lie that curdled a lot of their
> > family life, and especially Lily's childhood. And as we've seen, it
> > twisted Reeve as well - Edjer too. Bell's lie was a poison that kept
> > on hurting all of them. Bell started to resent her own child, she
> > treated her so badly and even encouraged the other children, the
> > 'real' children, to do the same. Nasty.
> >
> > Lakewalkers at least don't get to maintain that level of dishonesty
> > with each other. It doesn't stop all nastiness of course - hello Cumbia -
> > but they are forced to face up to a lot of issues.
> >
> > Frankly I think both Barr and Fid give Bell a big free pass that she
> > doesn't deserve. She's seen by both of them as an innocent victim,
> > caught up in the situation. For one thing, Barr's persuasion that he
> > used all those years ago was probably less than effective (he had
> > very little idea of what he was doing) and second she had gone
> > out of her way to contact and flirt with the patrollers, her sister's
> > reaction back then shows disapproval rather than shock - she didn't
> > think that Bell was acting out of character, just misbehaving. Bell
> > did something silly, and paid a very high price. But she ended up
> > with a loving husband, good home, and strong family. And then she
> > set out to poison it all. Her treatment of Lily was nasty, and she
> > ended up twisting her other children, almost destroying her family,
> > out of spite and resentment. And I don't think anyone will call her
> > to account for that.
> >
> > It's probably too late for Reeve, although the river cured Whit so
> > there's hope. The younger children might grow up better. Fid is
> > a really good man, he deserves a better son.
> >
> > "Mama hated me," Lily muttered, as if determined to get this out.
> > "I figured that was why.".... Isn't that a terribly sad statement from
> > her, and a summary of her life so far. No wonder she's sliding into
> > Lakewalker life so happily; they've welcomed an unexpected half-
> > breed child far more kindly than her own mother ever did.
> >
> > And Lily brings up the next, biggest issue: Barr believes her about
> > Edjer's death, unlike her family. Fid accepts that Lakewalker magic
> > lets them know the truth - an advantage he didn't have. But he KNEW
> > both children, he admits that based on their characters, Lily was far
> > more likely to be telling the truth. And still he let Bell blame her and
> > make her suffer even more. And Lily knows that instead of mistrusting
> > her, the next level is that they'll mistrust the Lakewalker's statement
> > about it all. They'll always have a way to set the blame on her. That's
> > such a bitter realisation for a kid to have; she's smart, and clear about
> > things, and still carries that pain.
> >
> > Barr doesn't point out that once everyone knows she's part-Lakewalker,
> > they'll have a new way to blame her for the fire. Some people won't
> > ever give up their prejudice, they just rewrite the script to skirt new
> > issues.
> >
> > Barr calls an end to it all - but first he offers Lily one last chance to
> > get anything into the open. Because he could tell that she carried
> > some grain of guilt, deep down. Sometimes you have to lance the
> > abscess.
> >
> > It turns out that Lily feels guilt, because Bell told Lily to watch
> Edjer.
> > Bell couldn't control him, so she shoved him at Lily, who was doing
> > chores, and told her to watch him. Edjer had been trained to
> > disregard Lily, she had no way of controlling him when Bell couldn't.
> > (Edjer sounds very ADHD, or something similar.) He was jumping
> > around in the loft, as he'd been told not to so many times, and he
> > knocked the lantern and started the fire. Did they really think that
> > Lily would start a fire? They all KNEW that Edjer was out of control,
> > they all had to know that it was far more likely to be his fault. (Yes,
> > this still makes me angry.) Fid ADMITS that Edjer was uncontrollable,
> > he'd get a 'wild mood' and just go till he dropped. How did Bell
> > think Lily was going to cope, when Bell and Fid couldn't? Of course
> > Edjer disregarded her, and went straight to doing something he
> > knew was wrong. And then the slimy little toad lied about it.
> >
> > Fid deserved better children than Reeve and Edjer. He's a good man,
> > he should have had fine sons, not those two embarrassments.
> > Yes, I'm blaming Bell again. Although Fid let the lie keep going,
> > which caused the problems. And he let Bell twist them all by her
> > abuse of Lily.
> >
> > They've all torn themselves open emotionally. Barr moves it fast
> > after that; Lily has to stay with Lakewalkers. She has no choice
> > until she's trained, anyway. And at least in his camp she has an
> > accepting family. This isn't an easy life. Barr tells her that really
> > she only has a choice of doing things well or badly. Lily points out
> > that there's always the choice of throwing herself in the river -
> > but that would be a waste. Patroller humour. Eeek.
> >
> > Amma approves. Barr can tell there's some kind of link between
> > the two women. So many relationships swirling around. They
> > take Fid off for more treatment for his burns before he leaves.
> > Poor Fid, this didn't turn out as he expected. But it's cleaned out
> > a lot of old problems.
> >
> >
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