[LMB] OT: Hope and gratitude

Tidsel tidsel at protonmail.com
Sun Apr 5 12:57:00 BST 2020

This was the worst winter ever. SAD, bereavement, lots and lots and lots of problems.
And this, in spite of Corona, or maybe because of it, is the sweetest Spring ever!

I am high risk. Every morning when I open my eyes and take breath is a gift. Every walk with the wind and sun on my face. Every song from the birds - they say "yes, we are fewer than before Winter, but always some of us make it and now we are busy as always, as if there never was any Winter."

People I meet walk 2 meters away, and they nod and say something nice, people who never talked to each other before. People put teddies int he windows for the kids to find, TV try to put in extra programs for children, and I see families taking walks or paying in the fields or gardens together, and that is a first. People are trying to help each other in so many ways

In may places wildlife thrive because people are in, and in some countries trade with wild life is now forbidden.

It may sound like I think that the Corona virus is the best thing that ever happened to us. That is definitely not the case. There are storm clouds ahead with lack of things, deaths, economical disasters. But this thing will change society. Many things will die, and maybe, just maybe, this time we will create something new, something not built on greed, money, rat races and exploitation, but on real values like love, giving space to other creatures, giving our grandchildren a chance to for a world worth living in, and just living in the NOW.

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