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Men are traditionally less able to catch social clues. I’m not sure if this is all clues or women’s clues since men and women (at least when young) seem to have different body languages. Three teen guys are walking down the hall. One says something mildly offensive and another puts up fists and mimes fighting. Are they bitter enemies or friends goofing off?

Totally cliched joke about husbands:

“Honey, what’s wrong?”
(or in its more verbose form)
“If you don’t love me enough to understand, I can’t explain it to you!”

Interestingly, when men and women hear the joke or see it portrayed, women see it as the wife being glaringly obvious and men see it as the wife wanting him to read her mind.

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> From: Eric Oppen
> This also hindered me in other areas. Some years ago, a woman I'd been in
> junior high and high school was gently ribbing me about girls we'd known
> who'd have been very interested in me. I told her that I hadn't had any
> idea they'd felt that way. She allowed as how girls that age tend to think
> guys should be able to read their minds.

Eh, I don't know about wanting men to be mind readers. But the problem I
recall from being a high school girl was that while the guy might have been
completely oblivious to the signals you were sending out, to the other
GIRLS it was like you were a giant searchlight in the dark with your light
trained on that guy. Because there was considerable social
ribbing/embarassment/whatever, it was a tricky dance to try to signal to
the guy while simultaneously not signal too hard in front of the girls
around you.

All, I'm sure, for the purpose of avoiding being rejected and, worse, being
seen to be rejected.
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