[LMB] Mary Robinette Kowal's make-your-own mask pattern/instructions

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On Apr 5, 2020, at 5:46 PM, alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca wrote:
> See
> https://www.patreon.com/posts/mrks-no-pattern-35679762?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=postshare
> I haven't made it, but it looks perfectly reasonable. Probably much easier if you have a sewing machine.

Thank you!

This has got to be the simplest, most thorough, and comfort-considering pattern I’ve seen—and the assembly can be done without a machine. I can sew seams without ironing by “pin-basting”, but ironing the cotton to stiffen what you’ll sew by hand makes sense in this application.

The pictures helped confirm what the instructions set out. Why not satin cord or ribbon? Slippery devils like to release any knot.

Cord elastic, which I don’t use, is allegedly in short supply. I have 1/2” elastic, but not narrower. If you’ve got a tshirt becoming sacred or otherwise dying, you can cut very narrow strips for “tshirt yarn”.

What I really liked is that all the rough bits are not facing you, the better to annoy you with. It’s better couture, hiding the edges, and longer wearing.

Not everyone thinks enough about comfort in the construction, and if you aren’t comfortable with how it sits & fits when worn to effect, you won’t wear it. Nose fit, stability, unsteamed glasses, and not overheating, which for some of us is an oxymoron—all necessary for a good lower-face mask.

If after wearing a while, the nose strip misbehaves, consider leaving an opening for replacing them. It’s a bit more fiddly, but saves time in de- and re-construction of the upper channel later on.

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