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Possible spoilers in reply following.

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> > I though it was fun. Nice to see some of the old faces and the F/X were
> > wonderful.
> >
> > But as to the plot . . . I had issues.
> What issues? seemed ok to me. Reminded me of the court case regarding
> Data's right to survival in Next Generation and the whole 'what is sentient
> life' topic.

Exactly, the issue with "synthetic people's rights" had been settled.  So,
why were the Federation building slave labor in the first place?  (Earth
has a population of multiple billions most of whom are underemployed,
finding people who would enjoy working in a shipyard would be easy.)   In a
polity as large as the Federation, you could just gather ships for a rescue
(to quote Jean-Luc) Dunkirk style for the evacuation of Romulus, why would
you be building a fleet?  And if you were, why would it be in only one
shipyard?  And why would you choose one on Mars so far from its intended
destination? (And why did not the nearby Star Fleet ships intervene? It is
the Sol System, the most heavily defended system in the Federation.)

And that is just the first episode.  ;)

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