[LMB] OT: Moral question

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Thu Apr 9 01:32:10 BST 2020

For example, some recent ones compared statin drugs to artery stents.
> Both are known treatments, so it's not really wrong to give one or the
> other, and researchers want to know which treatment is better for what set
> of circumstances (for what it's worth, statins have been winning over
> stents for most situations).
> Karen Hunt

Going sideways here, as someone with a personal interest in statins and stents, they do different things. A stent fixes a current blockage, making the patient’s symptoms better and possibly preventing heart tissue from dying from that blockage. Statins down-regulate the liver’s cholesterol output and reduce inflammation, preventing or at least reducing future blockage. Recent studies show that stents are not appropriate for mild and moderate blockage, which should be addressed with medications that include statins and lifestyle changes. I believe it was a double-blind study in England that demonstrated this. Everyone with mildish blockage got meds and coaching about lifestyle, but some also got a stent. There was no difference later in heart attacks in either group, but since stenting carries some serious potential side effects, it was demonstrated to have too much risk for not much benefit when the blockage is mild.

Janet in TN

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