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On 9 April, Karen Hunt posted, among other things:

Recap from first posting
What he wants, as far as he can come up with, is to get away from places
he's been already -
, he offers to help "Let me serve you in your need,

 "there will be a price" is -

It seems to me that “Let me serve you in your need” -is just about Penric’s core desire, known or unknown by him.   He’s getting married to  Prieta to serve his family’s need.  He unwittingly accepts a demon to serve Ruscha’s need.   He gets better clothing, a bath and hairdo to serve Desdemona’s need.    His gifting of a name to Desdemona speaks of trying to serve a need Des is not even aware of.    When the B*stard’s order is reached, he wants them to give him work – I.e. to meet their needs.    And so on, until the greater offer at the first story’s end.

The price is, in essence, that he will always be serving others in their need; that he will never be alone; that he will have power but be required to conform to the strictures of the Temple and his god.

Fortunately, most of these also conform to what he wants (remembering the stricture “be careful what you wish for....”)
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