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Thu Apr 9 14:03:47 BST 2020


> On 8 Apr 2020, at 23:23, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
> Is It moral to do double blind testing on dying patients?
> In a double blind study, some patients will receive the new medication and some a placebo. I have some problems giving sugar pills to someone who is dying.

Just read a NYT article comparing COVID-19 and AIDS (with the conclusion that they’re not very comparable, but COVID-19 protesters have some overlap with AIDS protesters). The AIDS activists fought very hard to get the FDA to approve AZT quickly. But now a number of the survivors think that they might have made a mistake not letting the drug be fully tested, because AZT is extremely toxic and might as well have killed some of the patients, even if AIDS didn’t.

So, yes, testing is necessary, despite the need for a speedy cure.

little Alex

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