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A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Sat Apr 11 01:55:15 BST 2020

We were never given a waffle iron, which, considering what counter space we don’t have, might have been foresight.

I guess waffle irons have changed a lot since I left home in 1972!

But yes, the product of a restless bored brain is what we see, and it’s about as wrong as ironing WonderBread flat.

A. Marina Fournier
Valley of Heart’s Delight, CA
saffronrose at me.com
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> On Mar 21, 2020, at 5:17 AM, adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com wrote:
> As Cousin Ivan says, "That's just *wrong*!"   Tee hee hee.  
> https://twitter.com/mspowahs/status/1240676111534653442
> Although, actually...
> :)
> Jerrie
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