[LMB] Missing Eastercon

Lois Bujold List bujold-l at dendarii.co.uk
Sat Apr 11 13:37:56 BST 2020

So I had other plans, and didn’t intend to go to Eastercon this year. But the the lockdown occurred and my plans were scuppered, and Eastercon was cancelled. 

Then Worldcon was going virtual, and I wondered why at least a bit of Eastercon wasn’t online (bid session tomorrow excepted).

Then I got an email from author FD Lee (author of The Fairy Tale) she decided to run a few virtual kaffeeklatsch, I signed up for the first one yesterday, and had an hour group chat, with beverage of our choice. It was fun and I recced Pat Wrede’s Enchanted Forest series (& got a sale of Dealing with Dragons).

I know it was short notice but having a few official program items would have been nice. Mitch Benn patreons got a livestream concert last night too. (He was at last year’s Eastercon).

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