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It's been pointed out, by doctors who've been through other epidemics, that when the hospitals are overwhelmed it's not just the victims who can't be treated that die; it's also the others - pregnant women, heart patients, accident victims - who aren't treated because the doctors are too busy with the plague.  And, later, because the doctors are dead, as is happening here right now.

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> > > > That is the main thing "flattening the curve" is about. It doesn’t
> > > > guarantee fewer people will get sick. It just makes the curve flatter,
> > > > with the peak more manageable.
> > > > Which means more people survive, because they get treatment.
> >
> > Well, if it's possible to delay some people catching the disease until
> > we have better methods of treating it or preventing it, it will
> > reduce the number of people who get sick.
> Well, the preventing it likely won’t happen until next year.
> What we are doing now is reducing the load on the medical system so that we can get better treatment.
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