Lucy Chubb lucy at chubb.wattle.id.au
Mon Apr 13 02:41:36 BST 2020

It's great to find someone else who likes NCIS (apart from my kids). I would
really like to find is somewhere that discusses NCIS seriously in the way that
we are able to discuss the works of Louis Bujold here. The places I've found
so far consist mostly of admiring Mark Harmon's eyes and his smile (love his
smile, but love his portrayal of the complex character of Gibbs more).

I discovered NCIS about a year ago and have watched series 1 to 16 (on DVD)
right through a couple of times now. I love the character development and the
fact that there is a larger group of main characters who are all well developed.
Each of my family have different characters as their favourites, which I find

CBS has released several episodes of the current series (17) in the US and not
in Australia.. which is driving me crazy!


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> > I dunno. I have been driving the staff crazy. I've watched several batches of Golden Girls and NCIS reruns. Black Panther showed up twice. Also Star Wars 4-6
> Not that I’d be allowed, but I’d keep you company with those choices! I came into Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs late, so there are many episodes before Ziva that I haven’t seen—and possibly not all of those. Being finally of an age to appreciate GG, I laugh to coughing watching them. Black Panther had the highest number of good speaking parts, in addition to major characters, for women in any of the superhero movies. I saw A New Hope first at Grauman’s (Chinese) Theater within a week of its opening, as a friend of mine was in town and took me.

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