[LMB] A Penric reading?

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Oh, I love Penric, and in fact just finished my own re-reading of Penric's Demon. He really is a nice kid, and I wonder why the family never thought of the priesthood for him. Except that would have ruined the story, of course.
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> So, Penric in trying to deduce how to be a husband, comes up with the
> following:
> Don’t drink, don’t gamble, don’t bring hunting dogs to the table. Don’t be
> terrified of tooth-drawers. Don’t be stupid about money. Don’t go for a
> soldier. No hitting girls.

So, his family gave Penric a lot of negative examples.
Not a single "do this" on the list.

Kind of sad.

Happy Passover to all who celebrate (alone)
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