[LMB] OT: COVID-19 restrictions and recovery

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> >
> >Further to this, there is apparently an exodus of Torontonians headed
> North
> >to "cottage country", the Muskoka Lakes etcetera ... where the local
> >municipalities are absolutely not ready for the overload on grocery
> stores,
> >health services, and so forth. This is idiotic in the extreme, as far as I
> >am concerned.
> Same idiots here in the UK, heading for the Lake District, Cornwall etc.
> --
I am going to use what some people consider to be a dirty word: privilege.
This is the most telling example. No thought about other people at all.

People are discovering that hm, it's not about going it alone. This is the
principal reason for public health: there are things that must be done as a
community, not individually or per-family.


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