[LMB] Penric's Demon: the second quarter

Tony Zbaraschuk tonyz at eskimo.com
Tue Apr 14 02:13:32 BST 2020

Starting up the second quarter of Penric's Demon...

Having slept well without fleas, Penric wakes up and tries playing with
himself.  Desdemona comments, and Pen "couldn't be out on the road soon
enough."  There's just no privacy, is there?  (And what would your sex
life be like with a double handful of older sisters in your head?)

On the road, they pass a number of ruined castles -- apparently the
city of Martensbridge has been busy dealing with bandits/local lords/
whatever-you-call-them for a while now.  Then they come in sight of
Martensbridge itself (I wonder which of the three bridges is the
eponymous one?), and Penric spends a while staring at it.  Then
they get lost in the city streets, until Desdemona gives directions.

I like the sign on the B*stard's house: "two hands painted white,
loosely closed, one thumb pointing up and the other down."  The
head divine, Learned Tigney, is not happy with the situation.
Desdemona is not happy with Tigney either ("Cowardly demon-
destroyer... we always thought him a prig.")  After the interview,
Penric ends up exploring, and finds the library (always a good
place to find!) and loves it.  One wonders where he acquired his
love of reading from, though, if there was such a scarcity of
reading material back home.  And he discovers he can read
Cedonian... which does open the question of how much information
flows between sorceror and demon, and where does the blending stop?

Unfortunately books on demons are, well, restricted.  (The librarian
in me shrieks; the theologian understands why.)  Penric picks up a
bit more information conversing with the hastily-summoned Tigney.
Do we get the feeling that Tigney isn't exactly positive about
demons?  One wonders if this is personal experience with his own,
or long experience of others' demons from being the bailiff, or
just exasperation at Penric's situation?

Anyway, more later.  The story isn't over.

What did you think of Martensbridge?  Of Tigney?  And of Clee?

Tony Z

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