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On Tue, 14 Apr 2020, Howard Brazee wrote:
> Liquid soaps help.   When I pump some of that soap and scrub my hands, at least I know every spot has soap on it.  Then I use the water to scrub again and get the soap off.

You can, BTW, make liquid hand soap from bar soap, at a huge saving in 
price. Buy a six or eight-pack of plain no-name bar soap (no perfume 
etc.), which cost us about $3 to $4 -- less than one container of liquid 

Take one (1) bar and put it in a large pot with 6 cups of water (we've 
used as much as 8 cups but think 6 works better). You can cut the bar up 
into pieces but it's not really necessary. Gently simmer until completely 
dissolved. Then run the result through the blender (in batches) so that it 
gets the correct consistency (you're breaking up the long strings of 
soap). Put into soap dispensers and use.

We've added a few drops of orange essence to the soap, but it's not 


Alayne McGregor
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