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On Tue, April 14, 2020 8:44 pm, Pouncer via Lois-Bujold wrote:
> Wait just a second.  May I chime in with a couple of thoughts between
> Pen's blackout on the road and his arrival at Martensbridge?

But of course!  Anyone can comment on anything in _Penric's Demon_ at any
time ;)  I'm trying to move forward, but nobody's required to move in
lockstep with the discussion leaders ;)

> I thought the tutor/student relationship of Lurenz and Pen deftly
> evoked. "You used to pop on the head with your stick!"

There's a lot of nice evoking going on throughout this story.

> I was a little
> surprise that primary education, in the Jurald canon at least, was a
> function of the Father's Order.  Or maybe whichever divine of whichever
> Order, that can actually read,  is drafted into teaching?

Usually it's the Daughter's order that does teaching IIRC, but maybe
the Jurald valley is poor and doesn't have many divines?  Or maybe the
Father's order does some types of education, like (say) the sort of
legal education that a scion of the nobility might require?

> It does seem that Pen took longer to recover from "meeting"
> Des than -- I forget which, Ferd or Foix  -- from meeting
> the demon that had been riding the bear.  More data to be copied
> across, I suppose.

And more raw power in the older demon, too.

> Pen and Rolsch had recently gone over "in mind-numbing detail … all the
>  [Jurald] baronial accounts "    Accountancy is a non-trivial skill.
> I wonder if Pen has had a chance to use that skill more recently.

I wouldn't be surprised, but we haven't seen it come up so far.

> Most interesting of all is the first real conversation between
> Pen and his new demon.  The gift of the name.  Here, I 
> simple beg listies to express their own thoughts.  Clearly it lays
> cornerstones for much that follows.  But can you pick out the particular
> pieces that stand out for you?

No one had ever given Des a gift before -- that one hit me pretty

The idea of a name as a courting gift.

And, for readers of prior works in this universe, the tale of the
saint giving the great demon half of his soul... is this how it

Tony Z

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