[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Frank Kempe fakempe at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 15 23:41:18 BST 2020

   Thank You!!
I do feel better than I have in years in spite of the current pandemic crisis. I especially hope that the treatment will be extended to our list honoree since I am hoping to keep reading her works for several additional years. After all My parents lived to 86 and 89 years, so I hope to have at least 10 more myself. Let us all hope that the Durona’s work proves to be at least as good as early expectations.
   Thank You Again

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Subject: [LMB] Birthday Tixie

Happy 80th birthday, Frank Kempe! You are cordially invited to a tour of the
Durona facility on Escobar, while your escort is both owners of MVK
Enterprises. Both Mark and Kareen are pleased to introduce you to some of
the therapies they plan to make available to the general public in about six
months (though the Vice-Reine of Sergyar is going to get the full
run-through for her birthday in the next month or so), plus a dinner and a
show that evening. You look over the brochure and decide to get the joint
restoration regime and a couple of others. That evening, you are entertained
with a musical revue with additional snarky comments from Mark and the
occasional light riposte from Kareen, plus a splendid dinner, during which
the entire club sings "Happy Birthday" to you. In the next few days, you
don't precisely enjoy the various therapies, but you do enjoy the end
results. And so you go home feeling better than you have in years.

Happy Birthday!!!

Jean Lamb

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