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Delurking to share - enjoying this thread very much while hunkered down here in snowy NE Ohio, and hoping this comes through in an even faintly readable fashion. It's been a while!

Back in the day, we had a buy/sell/trade used bookstore, housed in a HUGE former supermarket. My home away from home! I'd spend a couple hours a week there, paying special attention to the SF/F section, which was actually better than you'd find at Barnes & Noble, or Borders before that. You'd be able to get mint-condition books, read once, if that, for half the cover price. The older the book, the cheaper they were. While browsing, i came upon Shards. As it had just been published (1986), I had never heard of LMB, so I did a speed read (1000 wpm) through big chunks of it, rooted to that spot in the aisle by the gobsmacking wonderfulness of it. Bought it, of course, and have been hooked on the Vorkosiverse ever since. I now have the entire collection in paperback, about half in hardcover, and working on building up my e-book collection. 

I do annual re-reads of Shards/Barrayar (still my faves) along with quite a few of the others not quite as often. I don't read/watch fantasy as such (one of those who never got into Tolkien or Game of Thrones - what can I say?) except for a bit of “urban fantasy” like the Potter series and the Rivers of London series. Been a SF fan since my family moved into a house when I was 7 years old, and the previous owners had left behind a big box full of comic books, mostly the DC stuff. Superman! Superboy! Justice League! Whoo! Never did warm up to the MCU in any format since then. But that's me. Then on to Jules Verne and HG Wells in my grade school library.  LMB is my favorite SF writer, hands down, and I've read an awful lot of it since those comic books! Graduated to writing VK fanfic (On AO3, as a_shepherd) in 2012 after I lost my job. Hoping to get back into it. 

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