[LMB] Serials in Analog (WAS: First Bujold)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Fri Apr 17 09:43:09 BST 2020

I'm with Jean - I don't want to read HALF a story
(or a third, or whatever).

I was furious with Charles Stross (or his publisher)
for selling "The Family Trade" as a book - it's HALF
a book. It just stops, with little, if anything,
resolved, and doesn't even have the honesty to tell
us that 'Part II, "The Hidden Family" will be
published in 2005.'

"Beguilement", OTOH, isn't. It's surely part of a
larger story arc, but there are more than sufficient
closures for it to be a book. Likewise "Shards of

James - Astounding/Analog subscriber for half a
century, who sometimes finds himself reading a
purchased book which he didn't read in ASF because
he was waiting for the last episode to arrive
before starting and became distracted (these books
include "Barrayar", "Falling Free" & "Cetaganda")

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