[LMB] OT: COVID-19 notes

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 01:37:57 BST 2020


If they open the schools but want all us geezers to stay locked down they
> will have problems. I miss my granddaughters!
> This is not a quarantine. In a quarantine, sick people are kept home to
> keep them from infecting others. This feels more like house arrest.

I'm sorry you miss your granddaughters.

My father, as I've mentioned an ex-oncologist feeling tremendous guilt
about being medically unable to return to the front lines, has forbidden
all of us to see him. His stance is that, 1) at the least, he will NOT
transmit this disease to anyone else and will not be responsible for one
human death (and hell, he's already way in the green when it comes to
saving human lives), and 2) he will not allow his children to live the rest
of our lives shouldering the guilt that we may have sickened and killed him.

I probably talk to him a bit more now than I did before this outbreak,
through phone or video chat, but I still miss him terribly. The idea that
maybe I won't see him for the next year upsets me. The idea that maybe
he'll get sick and I'll be barred from his bedside, both by doctors and by
his own wishes, horrifies me. What a strange expression of love this is.

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