[LMB] Talking to Demons

B Van Look vanlook19 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 03:55:46 BST 2020

Caz calls it a death demon. But is it really a creature like an actual
demon? Or is it just an intent of the Bastard, rather than a (however
simplistic/chaotic) actual being/energy form?
I'm wondering if Caz calls it a death demon when it really isn't an
elemental as we understand them from Ista and Penric's experiences, because
that's what fits inside his human view of the universe....


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> wrote ----
> The more I think of it, the clearer it becomes to me that there is pretty
> much *no* overlap between what we know of death demons and what we know of
> regular demons.  Either they are completely different, or the difference is
> that regular demons escape into the world of matter by accident and are
> under no one's control (not even their own, until they've been in the world
> long enough to learn some self-control from their hosts) whereas the death
> demons are purposefully sent by the Bastard and called by the one working
> the death miracle, and are completely under the control of those two forces
> and only capable of existing in the world of matter for a brief period
> while those two forces are directly working together.

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