[LMB] Penric's Demon: a major character shows up

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Penric can see Desdemona as a person precisely because he has no theological training at all. Everybody else is blinkered by their preconceptions. I'm sure Tigney sent away for the Saint of Idau as soon as he got the news!

As for Clee, he starts off as the standard workplace character you don't start by disliking, but who you find hard to actively like.
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> So, in the library (and afterwards, upstairs) we get a slow introduction
> to Clee, at first as a nameless dedicate-scribe, and later by name, and
> finally as Penric's roommate, with an interesting conversation about
> Martensbridge and the various local noble families.
> We'll see more of Clee presently, but what do you think of the device of
> introducing him anonymously?  What do we think of him in these couple of
> scenes?
> (And is the 'letter' that Tigney calls him away to write already the
> letter to the Saint of Idau?  Has Tigney already made that decision?)
Certainly Clee doesn't win the good-personality test in his first meeting.
It's interesting to see shades of Tien Vorsoisson in him.

Pretty sure that's exactly what the letter is - Tigney is not slow to come
to decisions.

Karen Hunt
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