[LMB] OT: COVID-19 notes

B Van Look vanlook19 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 16:25:45 BST 2020

A friend of mine in the SCA has Covid. Her case is labeled "mild"
Here's how she got it:

I had a brunch invite
Seven people in a large high-ceilinged room, huge refectory table bigger
than my balcony
None of us touched each other, we put on hand sanitizer at the table and
drank vitamin C packets
They were both talking across the table about how everyone was overreacting
I sat at the opposite end of the table 10 feet away, at least one person
between us
Five of the seven wound up sick, infected additional five people that I
know of
One tested positive, none of the other nine could get tests, do the math

want to read more about what it's like to have a "mild" case of Covid-19?
Here: http://www.jessicadenham.com

She's a marathon runner. Cyclist. Eats healthy. So does her husband.

So, honestly?

Just stop whinging about how much you miss your grandchildren.
Stop edging sideways into modern US politics to make snide comments that
"everyone's overreacting."
Stop being such a baby about how has disturbed your comfy little retired
You're not a two-year-old who didn't get the cookie mommy promised for
being a good little boy.
Nobody's peeing in your Wheaties for kicks.
This isn't an over-reaction. The strictness of the stay at home orders
aren't governmental over-reach.
Grow up and get over yourself.
Act like the adult you keep saying you are.

BJ, who politely edited all the cuss words out

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