[LMB] OT: COVID-19 news

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 18:22:40 BST 2020

> What I hear from Canada is totally contradictory. Possibly because Canada
> is a big country and conditions are not the same every where.

Contradictory in what way? Provinces are all acting a bit differently, and
yet things feel fairly unified from where I sit. Our prime-minister talks
to us every day and he was in quarantine himself in early March doing press
conferences from his home, which probably turned out to be good marketting.
BC caught it first but seems to be doing fairly well. Quebec has been hit
the worst, probably because their spring break is a week earlier than
elsewhere and they have a lot of snow birds, so while other provinces got
warning early enough to cancel spring break plans, Quebecers had already
travelled and brought it back. Ontario is next worse--we declared a state
of emergency a bit later than other provinces for whatever reason. Our
nursing homes are having a hard time. Across the country, school is out
until at least September although they have started up (are trying to start
up) on-line classes. All non-essential businesses are closed, healthcare
workers are being re-deployed. Groceries are limiting the number of people
let in at once and having early senior's hours. The military is
isolation so that they will be healthy to take action when/if necessary.
Fines are in effect for gatherings, although the number differs from
province to province. A huge proportion of the country is collecting EI
which has been replaced by a relief fund that provides $2000/month out to
July. It's been a bit slow rolling out, but everyone I know who needs it
has gotten it successfully at this point. Business loans are in effect to
try to help companies retain their employees. 3-D printing labs are making
face shields, breweries are making hand sanitizer, individuals are sewing
masks and caps. Lots of talk from politicians across partys about "all
being on team Canada", lots of "three point initiatives". Our Prime
minister has had one of his slips remixed on youtube. People do seem to be,
in large, part, just hunkering down. Toronto has purchased a hotel in which
to safely house the homeless, which I think is nice (could they have just
done that before though? Seems like it.) Many restaurants are closing for
good. Animals seem to be enjoying a bit of a vaccation.

There's a fair amount of talk about our measures looking like they are
working, if only people can keep it up for an undetermined amount of time
longer. When I look at our graphs, however, it doesn't strike me that we
(Quebec and Ontario, particularly) are doing *better* in our attempts to
quell this thing than the US, rather that we were just able to act a bit
sooner and therefore our curves are shifted downwards--the trajectory still
looks similar. That beaing said, the head-start means we have 1/10 the
deaths so far.

There are certainly people angry and arguing the shut-down of parks, etc.
They seem to be the minority. I heard someone say, "Canadians do what
they're told." I don't know if that's true of our country or not. It plays
along the same line as "Canadians don't like to rock the boat" which I've
heard in the past. I've had to call about 300 people to cancel future
appointments. 99% of them have been very pleasant and accepting about it,
expressing concern for everyone's safety.

Trudeau seems to be doing fine. I'd consider swapping him our for New
Zealand's Prime Minister, though, who seems absolutely lovely.

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