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I am a huge Astérix-Fan, being french and all that...
And I have always been in awe of the translators... as they have to invent new jokes for each new album, jokes which somehow fit the album.
(And yes, the names ARE jokes as well!)

Big big kudos !


> Am 19.04.2020 um 18:36 schrieb Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>:
> Not to mention the Roman who causes trouble just by walking into the room,
> Tortuous Convolvulus.  Or the Roman named Goldendelicius.
> If Tortuous Convolvulus was real and existed in the Vorkosiverse, it'd be
> fun to send him to the Cetagandan Empire and watch the Cetagandans dissolve
> in fighting among themselves.  In the album Asterix and the Roman Agent,
> where he appears, Caesar walks with him into a perfectly nice banquet of
> Senators...and just by walking in, he sets off an enormous brawl among men
> who were getting along fine earlier.  At one point, he asks for peace:
> "Gentlemen!  Gentlemen!  I don't mean to cause any disputes!  I'm sure, if
> in the past you've taken advantage of Caesar's gullibility..." Caesar goes
> "WHAAT?"  Then he realizes what a weapon he now has, and leads him out,
> while the Senators continue fighting among themselves.
>> On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 5:26 AM John Lennard <john.c.lennard at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> James observes:
>> "Karen wonders:-
>>> ...if there are translators who translate
>>> names as well, making them easier.
>> Yes - the names in the original (French)
>> Asterix are puns or jokes in French. In the
>> translations they are (mostly - not Asterix
>> himself, or Obelix) changed to jokes in the
>> new language. But editorial control is good
>> and the translated names are, as far as I
>> have noticed, consistent in different books.
>> [justified rant about Sjowall and Wahloo endorsed but omitted]
>> James - who has ranted about this here before
>> (roughly once every five years, the most recent
>> being in 2015, so we were due another)"
>> John: Indeed. In the early-mid 1960s Tolkien, having been appalled by the
>> Swedish translation, wrote a guide for translators of LR largely concerned
>> with which names should and should not be rendered for meaning in the
>> target language. There was a mid-1970s limited edition, but it is now
>> available to all in Scull and Hammond's excellent *Reader's Guide to LR*,
>> and very interesting too.
>> The Bell & Hockeridge translations of Asterix into English are superb --
>> not only Vitalstatistix (the chief), Cacophonix (the bard), Unhygienix (the
>> fishmonger), and Dogmatix (a dog), but my favourites, the two Roman
>> centurions called Sendervictorious and Appianglorious.
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