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By there were no new chaos demons from the time of the Golden General and the end of CoC.

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(Sorry about how late this is.  I wrote it, but then forgot to send it.)

I have a slightly different take on this issue.

Lois Bujold is a great author, but she cheats  That is her prerogative
and I love her for it.  The Curse of Chalion is built around death
demons.  In Palladin of Souls she introduces sorcerers, but as an evil
influence.  (An old lady is the action hero.  What a concept.  Need I
repeat she is a great author.)  In the Penric series she is looking at
demons as a positive source.  These are all 3 different takes on the
same basic idea.  The important fact for me they are all great books
that I love read and reread.

An interesting question here is why there are no sorcerers in The Curse
of Chalion.  Think of all the benefits of good sorcerers (like Des) and
there are none in the capitol of a major country.  Really?

The Miles series should be read in chronological order although Falling
Free can go anywhere before Diplomatic Immunity.  The 5 god series
should be read in published order as we learn more and more about the


---- On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 19:55:46 -0700 B Van Look <vanlook19 at gmail.com>
>> wrote ----
>> Caz calls it a death demon. But is it really a creature like an actual
>> demon? Or is it just an intent of the Bastard, rather than a (however
>> simplistic/chaotic) actual being/energy form?
>> I'm wondering if Caz calls it a death demon when it really isn't an
>> elemental as we understand them from Ista and Penric's experiences, because
>> that's what fits inside his human view of the universe....
>> BJ
>> Caz is pretty sure that the death demon is imprisoned in his tumor with
>> Dondo, and Umegat's words that the death demon needs two souls to carry
>> back is confirmed by the fact that when Caz is killed the demon takes off
>> with Dondo *and his brother*, Caz himself being protected by the Lady.
>> This implies to me that while whatever it is is taking the Bastard's
>> orders, it is something separate in some way.
> I've lately taken the idea that a death demon is a sort of piece of the
> Bastard; not so much under orders as some purified concept of the order.
> Nobody ever gets a close look at one to be sure (the people with the best
> views die right away), but Umegat described Caz's tumor as containing the
> presence of the Bastard, not ordinary sainthood.
> Karen Hunt

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