[LMB] OT: Who else likes skirts

Rebecca Price becca7108 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 18:05:23 BST 2020

Can we say a word about men designing women's shoes?

I did find not skin tight comfortable jeans with semi-reasonable pockets at
LL Bean, but  *agree, the pockets are too tight to put a cell phone in*.
And I used to make my own skirts and dresses with pockets, but now my hands
and eyes don't allow much sewing anymore. And it's clear, Zan, that you've
never priced decent quality fabric.

I will also say that while "many" women know how to design and sew clothes,
the vast majority don't. Tailoring is a skill that isn't all that easy to
teach yourself, so unless you have a parent who knows how, or take theater
costume design classes, it's not something you just pick up casually. And
how many working women have the *time* to do that level of sewing anyway?


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