[LMB] OT: shock of the real, spam, the BBC

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Ah. Okay. And of course I'm speaking from Florida, where there is a lot of poverty.
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Subject: Re: [LMB] OT: shock of the real, spam, the BBC

 Pat Mathews says:

>Uh, no, Pouncer. It's not that the parents are incapable of making the kids'
>lunches, it's that they can't afford to feed them. The kids were depending on
>those meals in school to begin with. Wages these days are not in keeping
>with the cost of living.

:Let's pursue this off-list.  I advise that school lunch finance was a peculiar
interest of mine during my tenure on the local public school district board
of directors.  I'm not ignorant of the declared goals addressing the
publicized problems.  I have a perspective on the implementation of
the mandated processes that doesn't get nearly the amount of media
attention that so important a function deserves. Happy to compare notes.

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