[LMB] OT: shock of the real, spam, the BBC

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Tue Apr 21 02:07:54 BST 2020

It's sad, in these days of lock-down, that 
> so much of our public educational system reveals itself
> to be a full tech-generation behind; and in general seemingly can't
> do engaging virtual, interactive, lessons. Or maybe it all
> depends on having involved parents.  

Actually, there were virtual, interactive elementary and above educational systems back when I was homeschooling my son, now 27. We used one (K12) for a year for 5th grade. I found it cluttered, overly cutesy, and lacking in needed flexibility for my very asynchronous son, and the following year went back to paper and book-based material. Many public school systems used it for “virtual schools” where they had the student enrolled and funded but not in attendance. The system had to give the family a computer, printer, and internet connection. It also required an adult to do some activities with the child.

I have no idea about the current status of K12 and its competitors, but the idea of giving EVERY child in the country the hardware needed boggles. As well as whatever percentage of children for whatever reason won’t be able to manage it as intended. Though it may come to that. Shades of that Asimov story.

Janet in TN

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