[LMB] Finishing up on Penric part 2.0

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Thu Apr 23 20:10:34 BST 2020

I'm comparing Caz's journey to Pen's. The structure of _CoC_
has Caz going downhill on an isolated road at the opening,
and uphill on a busy city road at the end.  He wonders at
some point how long he has been on the 5 Gods' road, from
Gorgotet to the slave galley to ... well, everything.It's interesting to me how senior divine Tigney explictly
wonders about how sorcerors (old and new) came to be on
a particular road.  
     [Tigney] turned to Trinker, and efficiently extracted an 
     account of his doings from the time he was assigned to 0
     escort the divine at Liest until the disaster at Greenwell. 
     ... "But why were you on that road at all?" asked Tigney, 
     "It’s not the most direct route ..." 
I had been interpreting events as described as though Pen
was  a surprise.  But the road issue raises the posibillity
of more devious, deeply laid, divine plans.  

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