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>Elizabeth is looking for a short story, about which she gives very specific details.
>The story is "Mating Call" by Frank Herbert.  I first came across it in _13 Above The Night_, a superlative anthology edited by Groff Conklin.  Every story is excellent; if you can get it, I recommend it very highly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/13_Above_the_Night_(anthology)
>In the meantime, the story itself is online, here:  https://galacticjourney.org/stories/6110Galaxyf.pdf  Warning:  it's micro-pages of the actual magazine.  I had to copy and paste to enlarge the print, but it's definitely that story.

I've downloaded and set Calibre to see what it can make of it.  If I can
create a usable Epub or Mobi version, I'll report back.
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