[LMB] "What has it got in its pocketses, my precious?"

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Sat Apr 25 17:47:14 BST 2020

Karen Hunt reminds us: 
>>  [Des] then helps [Pen]pick out second-hand clothing to 
>>> purchase and  teaches him to sew to repair the clothing he acquires.
Sylvia McIvers asks: 
>> But does he learn to sew pockets into the clothing?
Eric Oppen follows with: >If he does, and nobody else has them, does he have everybody asking him
>"What has it got in its pocketses, my precious?"
Ruscha had a secret hidden pocket with a encrypted message 
inked on cloth tucked away.  Pen with Des finds it for Tigney
who read it quickly.  This is presumably the last message 
courier (spy) Ruscha carried.  What HAD she got in her pocket?  
Was this a message related to the candidate selected intended 
to inherit her demon? A message directed TO that candidate
about her demon? Was this related to a just completed previous 
mission? Was it a recipe for cookies?  
Was there something in the message that prompted Tigney to
IMMEDIATELY summon the saint of Idau? Why else would he be
so disinclined to investigate Pen (and Des) and biased 
toward the notion that the Demon would promptly ascend?
Or was Tigney just generally jealous of new young 
sorcerors riding ancient demons?

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