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Whoever was at fault (and I can make a very good case that the natives were
toast no matter who had discovered the Americas---if you doubt my word, go
talk to the Ainu, the Zhuang, the Taiwanese aborigines, or any of a bunch
of small tribal nationalities that had the bad luck to impinge on China or
Japan) by the time those schools were set up, it was a done deal.

Would it have been better to keep the natives on the reservations, under
the watchful eye of the Authenticity Police to keep their cultures pure?

Life for powerless children in institutions then was often very grim, no
matter their skin color.  There was a scandal some while ago about Catholic


But let's play a game.  John W. Campbell came up with it.  It's called "You
be Dictator."

You're now the dictator of the United States in the year 1890.  You have
power equal to, or greater than, the President, Congress and the several
state legislators of our own timeline.  What do you do with/to/for the
natives?  As long as it doesn't involve time travel, miracles, the Alien
Space Bats descending to help out, or un-ringing bells, let's hear your

Keep in mind, this game is "You be Dictator," not "You be God."  You can't
magically change the minds of the white population to make them love and
accept natives as equals.  You can't magically make the white population go
away, and even if you did prevent Columbus from making his discovery,
someone was going to stumble across the Americas sooner or later.

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> > The tribes' traditional lifestyles were over *because white people had
> destroyed them*.  And saying that the goal of the schools was to make
> Native peoples part of the bigger culture is, um, an *extremely* generous
> way of looking at it.  The
> Very much so.
> It was oh-so-earnestly labeled the "white man's burden" (to pull all
> those savages into Western, Christian civilization) and they used
> every excuse to break the First Nations.
> Listing people of Amerind heritage who "succeeded" in white American
> society only buys into the idea that white American society has the
> only valid definition of success.
> As we're seeing in the current circumstances... the current
> definitions of success need serious refurbishing.
> BJ
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