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For the Aussie response on the pandemic . Oz had an immediate response to the pandemic . Our government closed the borders to China, Italy and Iran before any other countries ,declared a pandemic before WHO and declared stage three lockdown at the beginning of March. Now they are thinking of relaxing the lockdown in gradual stages . The total number of deaths nationally is 91 and total of covid 19 cases nationally is just under 7000. We are doing pretty well. Our lockdown rules are a hell of a lot more rigid then what William has been complaining about. Our beaches have been closed since early March. No church services, no more than 5 people at wedding services, the same for funeral services. No restaurants , no cafes ,no movies. Strict social distancing at grocery shops. The schools are partially closed ( still open for children of essential services parents ) free covid 19 available to all on request. Medical treatment for covid  is free to all even to the foreign nationals that were dumped on us by the uninvited foreign cruise ships. Those ships were eventually invited to leave by Australian cruise ships with loaded live rounds.

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> Well China did a draconian shutdown and seems to be recovering nicely.The U.S. did not and seems to be suffering. My area (New York) is very badly hit.
> Harvey
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>> I have an opinion about the government response to the pandemic that I would like to have confirmed or questioned. I am not talking just about the US and not at all about the national response.
>> In New Mexico, the government has closed all schools and “non-essential” businesses. (The definition of “non-essential” gets into taboo subjects so I’ll stick to schools.)
>> This closure includes Silver City, Lordsburg, Carlsbad, and Livingston even though there have been no cases in Grant, Hildago, Eddy, or Lee counties. Now, in NM, the counties are fairly large. Silver City is 50 miles from the county line.
>> In Australia, the maps I’ve seen show the cases clustered in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. Did the government issue blanket directives for the whole country including Hobart, Alice Springs, and Perth?
>> Closing Schools and businesses is a drastic measure and I expect that it is warranted in Albuquerque. However, treating an entire state or country the same is not, IMHO, warranted.
>> I don’t think one size fits all is a good long term response.
>> This is an opinion, I would welcome any reasoned arguments against it. The rest of the school year has been wiped out with, I fear, bad consequences for the students. Also, Sandia National Laboratory will no longer pay for people to stay home with children if they can’t work from home. My Son, Steve, works in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility(SCIF; pronounced "skiff") what he can do from home is limited.
>> Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
>> William A Wenrich
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