[LMB] LIST BIZ: Phishing

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 18:02:27 BST 2020

I've been getting a lot of them ever since I stupidly went online looking
for work.

On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 10:36 AM Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> wrote:

> On 4/29/20 9:03 AM, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> > Is anyone else experiencing a big increase in phishing attacks? I’ve
> > been getting several a day. I never click on a link and always report
> > them. I have never heard of anyone being punished for phishing. I
> > could think of some appropriate punishments. Fines of a dollar and
> > jail time for every call or email come to mind. I’m not sure about
> > lashes.
> My spam filter kills a bunch every day. I do get a few every week, but
> it doesn't seem to be more than usual.
> Weirdly enough, many of the ones that get through to me come via
> open-source mailing lists, like for the GCC compiler. Those are so
> obviously phishing that I don't understand how the phisher expects to
> succeed. But then, it's probably all automated on their end.
> It is far too difficult to track down and punish the phishers. I suppose
> it might happen once in a while. But most of those emails are sent from
> compromised machines which are only used for a short period of time. It
> is nearly impossible to track back from there to the actual phisher.
> Also, the group that cracked the machines is often just selling access
> to their machine collection to the phishers. That adds yet another layer
> between the email you reported and the actual sender.
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