[LMB] ot: Diane Duane sale

Mark Goldfield markgoldfield at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 29 21:31:47 BST 2020

I just went to the site, put package in cart, and it let me click on format and change format from ePub to mobi ( for kindle). Several other formats are available for Nook or iBooks.  

Alternatively, if you ever buy the wrong format, calibre will convert formats easily if you have a computer. 


> On Apr 29, 2020, at 4:18 PM, Harvey Fishman <fishman at panix.com> wrote:
> ´╗┐Looks like it is epub only, I require Kindle format.
> Harvey
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>> Diane Duane's ebooksdirect store is having a 50% off sale so... if
>> Various formats are available.
>> Jerrie

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